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HOW you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat!

Grab my Meal Timing & Nutrient Pairing Hacks to stop feeling so tired all the time and start feeling focused and energized every single day!

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  • Small tweaks to your macro balance at each meal that kickstart energy production
  • The perfect lunch for afternoon focus and energy (so you can keep going with your to-do list after work is done)
  • Little known nutrition strategies that only 1% of women do in order to successfully manage their chronic fatigue

About Me! Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Daina and I know what it's like to feel tired all the time...and how frustrating it feels when "eating healthy" doesn't do a dang thing!

I teach busy & determined women transform their health from exhausted to energized...naturally and for life.

It's not normal to feel tired all the time and you're not alone..chronic fatigue / burnout is caused by stress, stealth viral infections, poor detoxification, and imbalanced hormones.  A few simple, delicious meal creation tweaks will kickstart your body's natural energy production system when they're focused on the root causes of your exhaustion.
I truly hope that this guide helps you start down the path towards better all-day energy and mental focus so you can rock your deadlines and meetings and still have enough left in the tank for family, fun and friends.

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