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14 Day Meal Plan, Recipes + Foods List

Healthy Hormones

14-Days to Higher Energy & Happier Hormones

Healthier Hormones

If you’re struggling to know how to eat for higher energy & happier hormones...

Here's Your Chance to Get Access to the Exact Meal Plans and Recipes I Use Daily to Keep My Energy High and my Hormones Balanced

I went from exhausted & couch-bound to energized & loving life, living each day to its fullest...and so can you!

Hi, I'm Daina & here's my story...

I thought all I had to do was eat "healthy" and my energy would miraculously rise to a level that I dreamt about daily.

Instead, my healthy eating, fad diets and random meal plan experiments fell flat...and I only got more and more exhausted.

Desperate and frustrated, I went back to school to learn all I could about holistic nutrition.

Using the knowledge I gained from my education plus a number of trials (and many errors) with foods, I rebalanced my hormones and become the healthiest version of myself ever.

I cleared up my cystic acne.

I regained my energy after 20 years battling chronic fatigue.

I reversed my adrenal burnout...twice.

And I fixed my constant gas & bloating that used to embarrass me SO MUCH!

I learned that, to reboot your energy, you HAVE to focus on the right foods to refuel the RIGHT hormones...And choose foods that hit at the deepest, darkest root causes of chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances and burnout.

If you can throw together a few essential foods and sit down to eat a meal, you can rebalance your hormones!

Healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated either.  I'm a lazy cook - I look for the easy way out ALL THE TIME!  Which is why I pull together a lot of quick, simple and uncomplicated recipes for my clients to follow.

After all, when you're exhausted, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen cooking each night, amiright???

The Healthy Hormones Program is Valued at $130

A Hormone Boosting 7-Day Meal Plan with 13 Recipes

Recipe Book With 19 Additional Delicious Hormone-Friendly Meal Ideas

Top 15 Hormone-Friendly Foods List for Easy "Throw Together" Meals

Complete Meal Plan Grocery List to Make Shopping Quicker & Simpler

Options to Batch Cook or Duplicate Recipes, Enjoy Leftovers & Mix and Match Meals to Suit Your Tastes & Schedule

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