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EBV/CFS Remission Nutrition Protocol 

Your clear, simple & complete path to feeling amazing every single day...



A complete, simple holistic nutrition program for women battling chronic EBV/CFS who want to start living a life full of energy, abundance, joy and motivation!

The secret to putting EBV/CFS into remission is to hit it where it starts - a weakened immune system.


Antivirals aren't enough to restore the health if your immunity; you need something powerful that will give your immune system everything it needs to kill off and get rid of the active viral cells.


Nutrient deficiencies are the #1 cause of a weakened immunity.  And many of the foods and supplements we're told to eat & take by Google create worse nutrient gaps within your body.


Which means, it can't keep up with the fast replication of your stealth infection.


To put your EBV/CFS into remission for the long-run, we need to focus on 3 areas of immune support:


Load your body up with natural antivirals, anti-inflammatory nutrients, and antioxidants to quickly strengthen your immunity.


Many triggers deplete your body of essential immunity nutrients, so we need to refuel all potential and real gaps at the same time.


Finally, we strengthen immunity by supporting mitochondria health, kickstarting your natural energy production system.

Does this sound like you?

You feel like you're in a constant "crash" state

You feel guilty because you don't have the energy to play with your 5 year old

You can barely get out of bed and function most days

You're ashamed of the mess around your house that you can't keep up with

It feels like your basic daily activities are severly limited

If you do too much one day, you need 2-3+ days to recover

You want so badly to be a present mom and wife

If you're a resounding "yes!" to any of these, you're the perfect fit for


Who do you want to be if fatigue weren't a problem...

You easily commit to girls' nights out or say "yes" to spontaneous date nights.

You feel calm and collected in the face of stress or the unexpected

You wake up refreshed, eager to start you day

You're confident in your mental focus and recall and easily earn promotions at work

Family time is a priority and you're always fully present, with joy, with your loved ones

You get your weekly chores done in a few hours, giving yourself lots of "free" time to do what you love

You've got your sexy back - your libido is on fire!

You deserve all of that and more...and you can get it back inside...


About the course

Energized! is a holistic nutrition protocol that I've created through my journey into EBV/CFS remission.  In this class you'll get access to proven functional nutrition protocols that address the root causes of chronic stealth infections and seriously ramp up the health of your immunity.  This is an online, self-paced program with group support & coaching inside a private Facebook group.  You get lifetime access to the program and group as you move through the protocol and unlock your natural energy healing abilities again.

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