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Are you ready to wake up excited and on top of your game but hiring a health coach is out of your reach right now?


the Crush Your Fatigue Protocol

We know that your life is full of demanding work projects, socializing with your kids' soccer parents, family get-togethers, and travel, and to be able to enjoy these things, you need ENERGY!

Which is why we want to make it easier than ever for you to start transforming your health from exhausted to energized with the Crush Your Fatigue Protocol.

The best part?  This isn’t another fad diet or supplement pack where you’ll inevitably go right back to square 1 at the end.  This is all about finding long-lasting energy with foods, mindset and therapeutic energy healing activities that hit at the root causes of your fatigue.

If you’ve been battling bone-crushing fatigue for more than 12 months, and you've got a high pressure career and demanding family, then chances are you’ve got some BIG health and energy goals for yourself.

You want to feel like yourself again.  You want to stay focused at work all day (not just until noon).  You want to be calm, collected, and cool with your kids and enjoy saying “yes!” when they ask you to spend time with them.

However, there are just a few big problems right now:

  • No matter how well or how long you sleep, it feels like you’re moving through a vat of honey, your brain foggy and your limbs like cement

  • You’re lost in a sea of information telling you what fad diets, supplements, meds or self-care activities you’re supposed to do (and nothing seems to work anyway)

  • You’ve lost hope that there even is a solution for you…you’ve had every lab test imaginable and every single one comes back normal (or you’re put on meds anyway and still don’t feel any more energized)

  • Regardless of the “healthy eating” and attempts to exercise, it feels like your energy is dropping further and further with each month that passes

  • Times are uncertain right now and as much as you know you want the help, you don’t want to spend a fortune on a health coach…and you feel stuck


Here’s everything you’ll get when you join the Crush Your Fatigue Protocol

Say “hello" to higher energy in just 6 weeks.

The proven nutrition protocol to break your Fatigue Cycle and renourish and strengthen your energy pathways and hormones 

The systematic energy protocols that strengthen your stress response & improve overall energy production

Instant access to recipe books that align with your type of fatigue with guidance on food swaps, snacks and meal planning to suit your chaotic lifestyle

Specialized mindset training to help you identify your limiting beliefs and learn how to harness the power of your mind for higher energy

Learn our secret Compliance and Maintenance Method to maintain your results once the program is done

Self-assessment tools to track your progress and develop an intuitive understanding of your own body so you can take back control of your health

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Total Value $2494.00

TODAY'S PRICE: $288.00

All Program Sales are Final

I went from barely able to manage a full day at work, where a simple 20 minute walk would have me crashed out on the couch, to feeling focused and productive all day, every day, and enjoying daily workouts and long walks with my dog.

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Hi, I’m Daina Gardiner – a certified holistic nutrition consultant and founder of Mind Body Healthy Holistic Nutrition, which is dedicated to helping women battling chronic, debilitating fatigue transform their health from exhausted to energized and, most importantly, learn how to eat, move and live in order to maintain their energy for life.

I did not get to where I am overnight.  Far from it!  The fact is, I battled bone-crushing fatigue for over 20 years, fatigue that at my lowest weeks or months had me seriously questioning why I was even born.  I spent over $10k visiting medical specialists, psychologists and naturopaths, trying out any meal plan that promised high energy fast, and, of course, I went down the miracle supplement, detox and cleanse paths too. 

Nothing worked.  I tried healthy eating, I tried exercise, I tried more relaxation and self care…all I got was more fatigue.  Such a defeating feeling!

Finally I got a simple surge in energy when I started to naturally detox my body and reset my hormones after going off The Pill.  Intrigued, I did tons and tons of research until I finally bit the bullet and invested another $10k into developing my professional life to learning about and testing out holistic nutrition and natural energy healing strategies. 

And with this knowledge and the data I gathered from my many, many failed experiments, I was able to recharge my own energy and maintain it ever since.  I even became a fitness instructor (which still amazes me because I still recall that one single kickboxing class in university that knocked me out of commission for 3 full days)! 

Now my mission is to help women battling chronic fatigue, women who feel utterly alone in this struggle and who have lost hope along the way (like I did), see that there is a way to regain their energy and feel like themselves again. 

Whether you want to...

  • Wake up refreshed so you can spend a little extra quality time with your family before your day begins
  • Stay energized and focused all through your workday so you can quickly recall details and tackle important tasks
  • Finish up work and still feel like you have enough gas in your tank to stay calm and take part in your kids’ lives
  • Regain your energy so that you have more motivation to choose healthy foods and exercise more often

The Crush Your Fatigue Protocol will give you that giant leap you need to feel more energized, more alive and more in control of your health.

All Program Sales Are Final

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